MALBAC Single Cell WGA Kit is based on the novel patented MALBAC technology, and provides rapid, reliable and reproducible whole genome amplification from single cells or equivalent gDNA (picogram level) to produce 2-4 micrograms of amplified gDNA in about 4 hours.

The kit is able to achieve >90% amplification success rate and consistent amplification efficiency in both AT- and GC-rich regions for most cell types, such as single blastomere, polar bodies, single sperm and single cells from cultured cell lines. The kit generates reproducible loci representation, achieving>0.9 correlation coefficient for Qpcr Ct values among reaction replicates. More than 90% of genetic loci over a genome can be amplified then analyzed by real-time PCR (qPCR) and next-generation sequencing. The kit can also be used to amplify sub-nanogram level of inputting g DNA (e.g. from hundreds of cells).

  • Quasilinear amplification with least amplification bias

  • Reproducible representation including consistent locus amplification in both AT- and GC- region

  • High Coverage that <10% locus drop-out

  • Rapid Procedure with 1 tube, 3 steps and 4 hours

  • Application for CNV&SNV analysis, PGS/PGD, CTC, etc.

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