The Qsep100 system uses capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE) technology providing post PCR separation and detection of DNA and RNA fragments. The electrophoresis cartridge can perform 200 tests at 2-7 minutes per sample, Intuitive software provides ease of operation, automated tracking of consumables and overall management of the genotyping system and analysis.

  • High Throughput - Process up to 96 samples

  • Flexible – Process 1-96 samples at no change to cost per sample

  • Fast – 2-7 min per sample

  • Sensitive – 0.1ng/μl

  • High Resolution – 1-4bp (between 100-500bp fragments)

  • Separation Range – 15-15000bp

  • Data View – Electropherogram and gel image

  • Compact

  • Low running costs – 30-40c per sample for DNA, ~70c per sample for RNA

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