Prometheus – NanoDSF Protein Stability

Prometheus – NanoDSF Protein Stability


nanoDSF is an advanced Differential Scanning Fluorimetry method for measuring ultra-high resolution protein stability and protein aggregation in a truly label-free approach. Applications include antibody engineering, membrane protein research, formulation and quality control.

Key Features:

  • native DSF: no dye is required

  • tyrosine and tryptophan fluorescence

  • dual UV system: 330 nm and 350 nm fluorescence is detected 48 samples at a time

  • ultra-high resolution: measure 48 capillaries in 7 seconds and see more unfolding transitions

  • broad concentration range: from 5 µg/ml to more than 250 mg/ml

  • temperature range: from 15 °C to 95 °C

  • thermal and chemical denaturation

  • maintenance-free instrument

  • straightforward handling: simple sample preparation and intuitive software user interface

Key Features of the Backreflection Optics:

  • optional backreflection optics: aggregation of protein samples is recorded

  • ultra-high resolution: precisely determine aggregation onset temperatures

  • broad concentration range: from 100 µg/ml to more than 100 mg/ml

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