Deep brain imaging on freely-moving animals

The first ever turn-key solution for in-vivo deep brain dynamic microscopic imaging on freely moving mice and rats.

Perform robust, accurate insertion of a small diameter microprobe (CerboFlex™) at any depth into the animal’s brain.

The NeuroPak™ ensures secure and firm installation and implantation of the microprobe onto the head of an animal. The light-weight and flexible CerboFlex™ probe enables totally free movement and behaviour while imaging.

NeuroPak™ was developed with top-leading Neuroscientists, designed for Behavioural Neuroscientists.


  • Solution for chronic brain monitoring

  • Compatible with any stereotaxic frame

  • Repeatable positioning

  • Maximum insertion depth of 10mm

NeuroPak™ contains

  • CerboFlex™ minimally invasive bevelled tip microprobe (350μm or 470μm)

  • Set of 6 light implants (300 milligrams)

  • Stereotaxic holder (fits any stereotaxic device)

  • Caps, screwdriver and locking screws

  • Detailed implantation protocol

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