Monolith - Microscale thermophoresis binding affinity (MST)

Monolith - Microscale thermophoresis binding affinity (MST)


MicroScale Thermophoresis determines binding affinities in solution. It measures the motion of molecules along microscopic temperature gradients and detects changes in their hydration shell, charge or size.

Time and cost effectiveness

  • fast measurement: Kd in 10 min

  • low sample consumption: minimal concentration (pM/nM) and small volume (< 4 µl)

  • intuitive software

  • small instrument footprint, maintenance free

Easy sample preparation

  • immobilization free, in-solution measurements

  • truly label-free (optional)

  • excellent selectivity using a fluorescent dye or fluorescent protein

Broad application range

  • access affinities (Kd, dissociation constant): pM/nM to mM range

  • examine: proteins, peptides, ribosomes, ions, nucleosomes, liposomes and more

  • study membrane proteins directly in liposomes or detergent solution

  • study multi-component reactions such as ternary complex formation, order of assembly, interfering factors, cooperativity

  • measure in any buffer, including complex detergent mixtures

  • study stoichiometry and discriminate between different binding sites on a target

  • study the binding energetics ΔG (free energy), ΔH (enthalpy) and ΔS (entropy)

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