Xstrahl’s SARRP - Image Guided Irradiators

SARRP incorporates CT imaging with precise radiation delivery to enable researchers to pinpoint an exact anatomical target and confidently deliver 0.5 mm beams to that point. This small animal irradiator can then deliver single or multiple beams of radiation to the target with the upmost accuracy, matching the clinical techniques used in oncology departments around the world.


  • Iso-centre accuracy to 0.25mm
  • On board cone beam CT and image reconstruction
  • Minimum field size of 0.5mm diameter
  • 360°Gantry and 360°robotic specimen stage enable non-coplanar field arrangements


  • Radiobiology
  • Pre-clinical studies
  • DNA damage response
  • Tumour biology and the micro- environment
  • Radiosensitizers
  • Cardiovascular toxicity
  • Oncology research

Xstrahl’s MuriGlo

MuriGlo is designed be used on board the SARRP image guided irradiator for accurate targeting of tumours and metastasis. MuriGlo can be docked onto other imaging modalities or used in a standalone configuration.