Silicycle Chromatography

SiliaChrom®- HPLC Columns

SiliCycle manufactures a variety of very high-quality HPLC columns for reversed and normal phase applications. The SiliaChrom series contain more than 20 different phases produced in our own laboratories, and Silicycle continue to develop additional unique and superior HPLC columns.

SiliaChrom HPLC columns are made of highly pure spherical particles. SiliaChrom columns ensure optimum performance for all types of organic compounds (acidic, basic and neutral) resulting in optimal peak symmetry with excellent efficiency across a wide pH range. Reproducibility is ensured by a stable bonding and endcapping process. All columns are packed using a consistent slurry packing process to achieve uniform and stable bed for maximum column efficiency, long lifetime and column-to-column reproducibility.

Silicycle Sample preparation

SiliaPrep™ & SiliaPrepX™ SPE Cartridges & Well Plates
Solid-phase extraction (SPE) is a technique designed to speed up and optimise your sample preparation and purification prior to chromatographic analysis. All the usual reversed-phases, normal phases and ion-exchange phases are available, but we also offer specialty phases for your more challenging projects. For example, we can pack all our Metal Scavengers SiliaMetS in SPE cartridges!

SiliaPrep™ Tips Micro-SPE Cartridges
Sample preparation of femtomole (fmol) to picomole (pmol) quantities of analytes prior to Chromatographic or mass spectrometry analysis. Achieve simple and fast analyte retention & elution, with minimal loss and lower risk of contamination.

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SiliaMetS- For Metal Removal
SiliaMetS are functionalized silica gels designed to react and bind excess metal complexes and are a highly selective and cost-effective alternative for metal scavenging. Often used in the Pharmaceutical industry to purify the active ingredient, SilaMetS will not contaminate, offer total recovery of the sample and are efficient in a wide range of metal catalysts.

Silicycle Analytical analysis

SiliaSphere™- Spherical Silica Gel
SiliaSphere are ideal for both analytical and preparative chromatography with unbeatable performance, superior chromatographic performance, loading capacity, reproducibility, and chemical & physical stability. Broadest portfolio of chromatographic phases to suit all purification needs. The excellent properties of SiliaSphere make them the packing of choice for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) and simulated moving bed (SMB) applications.


SiliaBond® - Functionalized Silica Gels
SiliCycle is the leader in the development of functionalised silica gels, SiliaBond, for use in organic synthesis. SiliaBond products provide superior performance for all types of applications due to the narrow particle size distribution and high purity and are made of standard flash silica gel, SiliaFlash.

Silicycle SiliaCat®- Heterogeneous Catalysts

SiliaCat is the new heterogeneous catalysts family from Silicycle. SiliaCat is a leach-proof, highly stable organoceramic matrix with high catalyst loading and surface area that provides high turnover number (TON). SiliaCat is compatible with a wide range of solvents and is has a very wide range of organic applications.