Patterson Scientific Anaesthesia Systems

Experts in Research Anaesthesia Equipment and Supplies

Patterson Scientific offer a range of anaesthesia systems from the throughput of three stations to the flexibility of a portable system.

Patterson Scientific Gas Delivery Systems

To complement the anaesthesia systems, a selection of gas delivery systems to suit any small animal and research need –circuits, masks, bags or chambers. Designed to greatly reduce the risk of gas exposure to the user, the delivery systems deliver equal gas amounts to each port.

Patterson Scientific Induction Chambers

Patterson’s induction chambers are available in several sizes to suit any laboratory subject. The single animal top slide chambers feature positive sliding tops for quick and easy access to the animal inside while reducing exposure to waste aesthetic gases.

Patterson Scientific Vaporizers

Patterson Scientific offers new precision flow-rate and temperature compensated vaporizers to complement our anaesthesia systems and induction chambers.

Patterson Scientific Animal Workstations

The workstations on offer have been designed with the purpose of facilitating various research anaesthesia procedures required of today’s laboratory technicians ensuring procedures are completed in a stable and comfortable position for the technician. A heated option is also available.

Patterson Scientific Imaging Containment Boxes

The 3 or 5 chamber containment boxes are completely enclosed and designed for use with immunocompromised mice or mice with infectious diseases. This enables the mice to be easily and safely manoeuvred for optical imaging within the laboratory setting.