MILabs Ultra High Resolution CT

Ultra-High Resolution CT systems

  • Upgradable with SPECT, PET and optical imaging
  • As benchtop or with own support table
  • Mice, rats and rabbits


  • Available voxel resolutions down to 10 μm, suitable for e.g. detailed bone analysis
  • Ultra-fast whole body scanning down to 5 seconds
  • Ultra low radiation dose, down to 5 mGy
  • Respiratory and cardiac gated imaging
  • Dual-energy imaging
  • For mouse and rats the FOV of the U-CT can be as large as 75 mm
  • FOV expandable towards medium sized animals
  • Suitable for highly accurate SPECT and PET attenuation correction
  • Upgradable with PET, SPECT, bioluminescence and fluorescence, including NIR & Cherenkov imaging

MILabs Vecrot4 – PET/SPECT

System Features

  • The best available PET and SPECT resolution and sensitivity of any system any system on the market
  • Only system performing PET simultaneously with imaging multiple SPECT tracers
  • Single step SPECT-PET-CT acquisition (VECTor⁴ CT)
  • User friendly, economical and lab-space efficient
  • VECTor patented pinhole PET outperforms dedicated small animal coincidence PET
  • M7™ multi-cluster pinhole collimators design enhances resolution due to decreased pinhole edge.


  • Low dose CT subsystems can be stand alone or fully integrated to U-SPECT⁴ or VECTor⁴
  • Voxel resolutions of 60µm, 30µm or 15µm for detailed bone analysis
  • Whole body scanning in 8 seconds
  • Very low dose radiation (5mGy)
  • Expandable up to medium sized animals

MILabs U-Spect⁴

System Features

  • The best available SPECT resolution and sensitivity of any system
  • Patented 3D focusing capability for dynamic nuclear microscopy in organs and tumors
  • Ultra-fast imaging with multi-physiologic gating reveals dynamic processes with unprecedented time resolution, ideal for pharmacokinetic imaging, no camera dead time.
  • Patented M5™ multi-pinhole collimation satisfies the widest range of resolution, sensitivity and FOV needs
  • High reliability and long life due to very robust stationary detector design
  • Highly quantitative single and multi-tracer SPECT
  • Multi-modal imaging support for third party devices
  • Image:

MILabs Spect-CT


  • Modular system design
  • Sub mm SPECT, Ultra-high resolution
  • Highly quantitative imaging
  • Ultra-fast dynamic SPECT imaging
  • True simultaneous PET & SPECT imaging
  • Collimator based imaging