Mauna Kea Technologies Cellvizio®lab – in vivo imaging at cellular resolution

Cellvizio® – a probe based Confocal Fluorescence Endomicroscope

Lasers provide dual band illumination at 488nm and 660nm to tens of thousands of tiny optical fibres grouped in a flexible fibre bundle. Various types of fibre-optic based microprobes are available to meet the needs of different applications, resolutions, fields of view and working distances. Probes have diameters ranging from 300μm to 4.2mm and resolution down to 1.4μm.Cellvizio®Lab fills the gap that exists between other pre-clinical imaging modalities and microscopy. The system is used by hundreds of researchers worldwide for applications such as Neuroscience, Angiogenesis perfusion studies, immunology, drug delivery and more.

  • Real time characterisation of tissues
  • Functional Imaging
  • Quantitative – thanks to single photon counting
  • A large variety of microprobes for diverse applications
  • Low invasiveness for in vivo imaging

Cellvizio®Lab Applications

  • Longitudinal studies
  • Cancer and angiogenesis
  • Deep brain imaging on freely moving animal
  • Molecular imaging of cancer pathways
  • In vivo histopathology characterization
  • Co-localization and interactions
  • Functional, calcium imaging
  • Biodistribution
  • Infection and inflammation
  • Animal Model validation

Mauna Kea TechnologiesNeuroPak™

Deep brain imaging on freely-moving animals

The first ever turn-key solution for in-vivo deep brain dynamic microscopic imaging on freely moving mice and rats.

Perform robust, accurate insertion of a small diameter microprobe (CerboFlex™) at any depth into the animal’s brain.

The NeuroPak™ ensures secure and firm installation and implantation of the microprobe onto the head of an animal. The light-weight and flexible CerboFlex™ probe enables totally free movement and behaviour while imaging.

NeuroPak™ was developed with top-leading Neuroscientists, designed for Behavioural Neuroscientists.


  • Solution for chronic brain monitoring
  • Compatible with any stereotaxic frame
  • Repeatable positioning
  • Maximum insertion depth of 10mm

NeuroPak™ contains

  • CerboFlex™ minimally invasive bevelled tip microprobe (350μm or 470μm)
  • Set of 6 light implants (300 milligrams)
  • Stereotaxic holder (fits any stereotaxic device)
  • Caps, screwdriver and locking screws
  • Detailed implantation protocol