Covaris M220

M220 Focused-ultrasonicator™ is designed for Next-Gen Sequencing applications requiring fragment sizes between 150bp and 5kb. Compact size and ease-of-use make the M220 Focused-ultrasonicator the ideal DNA shearing solution for MiSeq™ and PGM™ users.

  • Proven Covaris AFA shearing process, as used in genome centers worldwide
  • Generates tight, highly reproducible fragment distributions
  • Optimized shearing programs to generate fragment sizes between 150 and 5,000 bp
  • Also effective for low-mass, high epitope recovery chromatin shearing

Covaris ME220

The ME220 has all of the benefits of the M220 above with multi sample capabilities. The system can process up to 8 samples unattended to give a higher level of automation to a growing NGS laboratory.

  • 2 minute Start Up time
  • Integrated benchtop unit
  • 1-8 samples batching
  • 15 μl to 1 ml sample volume

Covaris E220evolution

The versatility of the E220evolution Focused-ultrasonicator makes it possible to bring the advantages of AFA to numerous biological and chemical applications including: DNA and chromatin shearing, tissue homogenization, cell lysis, compound dissolution, and particle micronization. The E220evolution can be upgraded to an E220 capable of processing 1-96 samples/run or to an LE220 for high throughput processing without purchasing a new instrument

  • Process 1 to 8 samples in a batch
  • Upgrade to 96 samples when needed

Covaris E220

The E220 Focused-ultrasonicators are versatile instruments engineered for pre-analytical sample processing by Adaptive Focused Acoustics™ . Utilizing a dish-shaped acoustic transducer and computer controlled electronics; acoustic energy can be tuned to be delivered precisely and accurately to samples of varying volumes and is capable of processing up to 96 samples unattended.

  • 1-96 Sample capacity
  • High recovery & Reproducibility
  • Broad Applications (Disruption, extraction, dissolution)
  • Automation ready

Covaris L220

The LE220 Focused-ultrasonicator is the highest throughput and fastest of the Covaris Systems. Perfect for users with large numbers of samples the LE220 utilizes a unique line-shaped transducer and computer controlled electronics to deliver highly controlled acoustic energy to the focal zone to process multiple samples at a time.

  • Multi-sample format
  • Higher throughput
  • Compatible platform design
  • Higher density plate processing.

Covaris cryoPREP™ Extraction Systems

The cryoPREP™ Extraction Systems have been designed to integrate the tissue processing workflow from point-of-collection flash freezing to biochemical extraction with AFA™ Focused-ultrasonicators. The tissueTUBE™ Systems are used to process tissue samples and extract biomolecules from a wide range of tissue samples ranging in mass from 10 mg up to 2 g. The t-PREP™ System is designed to extract biomarkers and other biomolecules from small tissue samples (e.g., needle biopsies). Manual and automated cryoPREP Impactors are available for the cryofracture of frozen tissue samples in the tissueTUBEs and t-PREP Devices.

  • Multi-sample format
  • Higher throughput
  • Compatible platform design
  • Higher density plate processing.

Covaris Kits and Reagents

Kits and reagents optimized for performance with AFA® Focused-ultrasonicators and cryoPREP™ Extraction Systems to provide the highest quality samples to seamlessly integrate with your applications and improve your analytical results.

truChIP™ Chromatin Shearing Kits

Optimized reagents and protocols for chromatin shearing with AFA Focused-ultrasonicators

NGS-grade RNA and DNA Extraction from FFPE tissues

Improved DNA yields from Dried Blood Spots

Single-tube blood collection, stabilization, transport, and biomarker extraction solution

Protein Extraction Buffers
A range of extraction buffers for the efficient protein extraction from cells and tissues optimized for your downstream application

DNA Shearing Verification Kit
Verify the performance of your AFA Focused-ultrasonicators with the DNA Shearing Verification Kit

Sample Prep for Mycobacterium spp.
Accurate MALDI-TOF performance