Axion Biosystems

Applications of Technology

Axion Biosystems MEA Systems are scalable, and able to be used for both Neuro and Cardio applications in a time-lapse recording session. Environmental conditions are continuously maintained and monitored (O2, CO2 and temp). High Data density with 768 or 384 electrodes for collecting data over a plate, allows simultaneous recording of cellular network events with high temporal resolution, as well as stimulation (if desired). Many plate formats to choose from, stimulate your cells with light or electricity.

  • Modelling of Brain and Cardiac Diseases such as Epilepsy, Parkinsons, Long QT Syndrome
  • Stem Cell Model Development and Differentiation
  • Functional Neurotoxicity studies - Investigations into increase or decrease in neuronal activity with drug treatment
  • Cardiac Safety – drug toxicity, modelling of acute & chronic effects, arrhythmia studies (CIPA etc)
  • Optogenetics
  • Zebrafish

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