Agilent General Chromatography Supplies

From Vials to Filters, Columns to Buffers, Syringes to Lamps, find everything required to effectively support and efficiently run any Laboratory with the guaranteed quality and reliability of the Agilent brand. TrendBio are an authorised and trusted distributor for all Consumable Agilent parts and products.

General Chromatography Supplies
Minimise contamination and ensure accurate, reproducible results

  • Vials, Caps and septa
  • Manual and auto-sampler syringes
  • Renewable Gas Purification
  • Gas Clean Filters
  • Fittings and tools

Agilent Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation
Reliable extract and concentrate sample from complex matrices

  • Bond Elut SPE Products
  • Pre-packaged QuEChERS kits
  • Filtration products
  • Agilent Bond Elut Dried Matrix Spotting cards

Agilent GC and GC/MS

GC and GC/MS
Achieve excellent, reproducible performance for difficult samples

  • GC Columns
  • Guard columns
  • Liners
  • Ferrules, nuts, septa
  • GC/MS Parts

Agilent LC and LC/MS

LC and LC/MS
Maximise system performance and product quality results time after time

  • HPLC Columns
  • General LC supplies
  • LC Capillaries
  • Pump Supplies
  • Auto-sampler Supplies
  • Valve Parts

Agilent Spectroscopy

Satisfy your growing demand to screen large numbers of samples, faster

  • Atomic Absorption supplies
  • ICP-OES supplies
  • ICP-MS supplies
  • MP-AES supplies
  • Molecular supplies